Bitcoin – Cyfrowe złoto? Store of Value?

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Bitcoin – Cyfrowe złoto? Store of Value?

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Mój tekst na ten temat z odpowiedzi na Facebook, z powtórzeniami tego co w nagraniach ale i też z dodatkami, niestety po angielsku:

I investigated recent rally a lot through not 100% reliable stocks exchanges data of different currencies and crypto. I found a cause of the rally not mentioned in the mainstream. I think that the rally was caused by uncertainty of expected Brazil reforms which caused lots of Brazilians to be worried about their historically fragile currency, and ended in large conversions of Real in to Bitcoin. It can be seen in the volume plots as a large increase of share of Brazilian Exchanges in global Bitcoin volumes. It coincidences with positive change in Brazilian courts rollings toward Bitcoin, which helped a lot to make this buying possible. The uncertainty peaked in USD/BRL reaching 4.21. The world followed Brazil in low volume. This made me firm that Bitcoin is indeed a Cyber Gold. In case of currency uncertainty it is high capacity money reserve with high liquidity and fast international transfers with reasonable anonymity and security. In face of trade war and known currency risks like Honk Kong dollar. It can be easily anticipated that end of Honk Kong – US dollar parity will cause next substantial Bitcoin gains. End of Honk Kong – US dollar parity would cause instabilities in other Asian currencies magnifying this effect. Same with hardly imaginable Yuan crash. People in Asia and developing world will queue up to move their money to liquid, high capacity, safe, anonymous and transferable safe heaven. And then bitcoin can reach new highs. And at the top of it we have Halving, the cherry on a dessert.

Ze znanych mi metod zakupu i posiadania Bitcoin, Fintech Revolut, jest chyba najbardziej godny polecenia, bo daje bezpieczeństwo Europejskiej Licencji Bankowej, przy kosztach transakcji wynoszących obecnie 1.5%.

Więcej informacji możecie znaleźć w pomocy do bitcoin.

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