Bitcoin – 25.06.2018

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Bitcoin – 25.06.2018

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Ciekawym i dostępnym sposobem na inwestycję w Bitcoin jest spółka BITCOIN GROUP SE (identyfikator DE000A1TNV91) dostępna np. w Degiro lub BOŚ S.A.

Zmiany zainteresowania Bitcoinem na świecie w ostatnim roku:

Dodatkowo w tym temacie moje różne wypowiedzi na ten temat z różnych komunikatorów, niestety po angielsku:

Bitcoin boom-bust cycle is distorted, and it can give us change in bitcoin dynamics, boom might be to early to attract new vanilla opportunity seekers. +10 000 level is enough for miners to prosper after halving. If just current experienced investors trade and there is no vanilla opportunity seekers FOMO, then it is possible for the bitcoin to start to behave like ordinary safe haven commodity, so we should expect a big 3-4 year flag to form of a number of boom-busts ending on about 20 000 ceiling, so this boom could be a second boom which will end falling from about 2000 to 10 000. But if 20 000+ bitcoin ignites FOMO, then can go up much more.

Historically there is always an end to any successful investment strategy, because everything is in flux and time comes when environment changes, and we must adapt. Usually there are signs of change visible before, but investors are reluctant to see it. This is well described with examples in „Fooled by randomness”. Volatility will definitely continue for a long time regardless of price levels and one can earn on it regardless of price levels :). It is possible that there is 20 000+ level where FOMO is triggered regardless of timing, and this is probably what big holders want. Big holders need massive buying to sell on high volume corrections. Volatility gives opportunity to earn on bets on any level. But stats of bitcoin blockchain shows there is less big holders then it was in the past, and more medium holders, and less small holders. Maybe holders own more then one account for safety reasons? There is also less bitcoin held on exchanges, and this is definitely bullish. And with such thing like bitcoin, it is easy to underestimate market and to be not bullish enough.

Definitely from the fundamental point of view this price levels are still good for buying in 1 year perspective. Technically we should have 1 more parabolic steepening for the parable to be in time & magnitude scale of the last one. We have hard $10 000 floor to fall, so it is quite good situation if one is a skilled trader capable of bearing psychologically intermittent paper loss.

Więcej informacji możecie znaleźć w pomocy do bitcoin.

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